2017 Branded Content Benchmarks Report

Data and insights from over 1,300 pieces of custom branded content created by premium advertisers and publishers in North America.

Key findings in the report include:

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Jerrid Grimm

Co-Founder, Pressboard

Jerrid Grimm

Co-Founder of Pressboard

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  • Increased attention: Average Active Reading Time increased from 66 seconds to 73 seconds.

  • Mobile shift: Audiences on phones and tablets overtook desktop users as the groups that spend the longest amount of time with branded content.

  • Completion rates: The average piece of branded content is finished by 55% of its audience.

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Ryan Holmes

CEO, Hootsuite

Diana Walter

VP, Company Name

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Sponsored content is about telling a great story, so it's no wonder that readers are engaging with this type of content longer than with other forms of advertising. These benchmarks will help advertisers and publishers see how their content stacks up and help influence strategies moving forward.


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